Knit with Confidence. Join THE knitting club and you will master reading patterns, fixing mistakes and knitting to gauge.




 "I love going to The Stitchin' Den. Paula is the best knitting instructor"

 –Tina H. of Lafayette, CO


You want to make a sweater, but when you look at a pattern with abbreviations and charts, you often decide that it is too difficult and give up before you start.

It's easy to feel intimidated by a pattern that looks too complex. Taking on a challenging project without help nearby seems too risky.

Not knowing how to understand a pattern, fix mistakes, achieve perfect gauge or make garments fit are common struggles for knitters. Who wants to waste a lot of time, energy and money on something that could turn out to be a disaster?

If you feel this way, you're not alone. Most new, and many experienced knitters could use a place to connect with others so they can get help when needed.

Being able to understand a knitting pattern and fix mistakes is a game changer, one that will allow you to knit anything you want, even a sweater that fits!

What if there was a way to make sure you get it right?

Hello, I'm Paula from The Stitchin' Den

I will help you knit like a pro.

Reading patterns with mysterious symbols, charts and abbreviations is very intimidating. The biggest struggle I see with knitters is that they are fearful of trying something new because they are not confident about their ability to learn a new craft.

I have spent the last several years helping countless people become accomplished knitters. Nothing fills me with more pride than when I see my students fix their own mistakes and start and finish projects on their own.

I love to see friendships begin and grow between my students. It's another reason why they keep coming back!


Imagine having the skills and confidence to pick up a knitting pattern and know immediately how to get started.

The Gems & Purls Knitting Club Will Provide...

  • Specialized instruction on the importance of knitting gauge swatches in order to avoid knitting a garment that doesn't fit.
  • Guidance on reading patterns and charts so that you are not confused on how to follow the instructions.
  • Weekly question and answer sessions so that your mistakes and concerns are addressed promptly.
  • Instruction on how to identify and fix mistakes so that you can knit a garment that makes you proud.
  • A supportive community of like-minded makers who will hold you accountable to finishing your projects in a timely manner.
  • Opportunities to build long lasting friendships that will enhance your life.
  • Access to the best knitting instructors and special guest speakers to help you increase your knitting skills.
  • Insider access to information on new products and special offers before anyone else so that you can take advantage of special opportunities.

"I appreciate the way Paula tries to include all the students during class, even the quiet ones like me."

- Donna W. of Fort Worth, TX

Meet Our Students

"Paula has been the best knitting instructor. She is patient and explains things in a way that I can understand. I take almost every class Paula offers because I always learn something new."

- Nancy P. of Greeley, CO

" I took the Fair Isle hat and mitten knitting class at The Stitchin' Den last January.  Since then, I've taken 4 more of Paula's classes and have done more knitting than I'd done in years!  Taking classes helps me stay motivated and finish projects.  

Paula is a wonderful instructor, so kind, caring, patient, and encouraging!  I recently moved out of Colorado, but I still take classes with Paula and stay in touch with her and my classmates through Zoom meetings!"

- Colleen D. of Cambridge, MD

"Over the past several years, I have taken a number of classes taught by Paula. The end of each class left me not only enthusiastic about having learned something new but also reminded me of how much I love to knit.  

As a blind person whose hobby is knitting, I find her approach to teaching is particularly effective and have become a repeat customer.  Paula acts as teacher, coach and cheerleader throughout the whole class -- and beyond. Without her knowledge, enthusiasm and support, I do not think I could have completed all of the beautiful projects she has taught me to make."

-Janice M. of Estes Park, CO

" I didn’t know how to knit at all when I started and I am now knitting two color Fair Isle and more.  Paula is the most articulate knitting instructor and is so patient. I have moved to a new state, but I still take her classes because they are virtual as well."

- Anita H. of St. Helens, OR

"Taking classes gives me a chance to get to know like minded people without the social constraints of other gatherings. We take the classes to learn a new skill, but making new friends is a surprising blessing. My life is so much more enriched because of all these new, wonderful knitters in my life."

- Laura M. of Fort Collins, CO

"I started knitting about three years ago. The best thing that happened was meeting Paula at the wool market in Estes Park. I never knew it would lead to a love of knitting and meeting the greatest group of ladies. I owe it all to joining a knitting class."

- Cathy N. of Thornton, CO

  "My knitting skills have improved greatly over the course of this class."

- Susanne S. of Aurora, CO


When you join the Ruby or Emerald Gems & Purls Knitting Club you will gain access to 20+ Zoom lessons, a Fading Point yarn kit, pattern and row tracker. Plus a discount on the next two club projects.

Choose your amazing yarn kit for the Fading Point Shawl from Baah Yarn. You select your hand-dyed Estes Park inspired colorway. This yarn is influenced by the abounding nature of the Pacific Coast and created in Southern California. (Yarn kit is not included with the Sapphire Club.)

Participate in bi-weekly Zoom lessons that include time for connecting with others. Lessons will be held via Zoom every other Wednesday evening from 6-8pm Mountain time, and will be recorded for future viewing.

An additional class dedicated to learning about different yarn weights, how to use them & how to identify the yarn content. "Everything You Didn't Know (That You Didn't Know) About Yarn" will be held on Monday, June 7th at 6pm Mountain time. (Included in the Ruby & Emerald level.)

Plus a class dedicated to learning how to finish all your projects like a pro. You spend so many hours knitting, now learn how to make your projects look professional. "Finishing with Excellence" will be held on Saturday, June 19th at 9am Mountain time. (Included in the Emerald level.)

Three hand picked gifts will be sent to you throughout the year.

BONUS #1: Exclusive access to our Gems & Purls Facebook Group.

BONUS #2: Weekly Q & A sessions via Facebook Live where you can ask any knitting related questions.

BONUS #3: Exclusive club specials and advanced notice of store sales and specials.

BONUS #4: Access to our pre-recorded Intro to Lace Class so that you feel confident to conquer a lace project.

BONUS #5: A discount on the purchase of the second and third Gems & Purls Club projects offered in 2021/2022.

 "If you are one of the many who are limited to home based activities because of COVID or just want a great knitting experience, I have a great suggestion, take an online knitting class."

 -Alison B. of Boise, ID


Don't miss this limited opportunity to join Gems & Purls Knitting Club and become a confident knitter.

Click the ENROLL NOW button below to choose your Estes Park inspired colorway for the Ruby & Emerald Option



Perfect for those who just want to have all the fun but not knit a shawl

  • 20+ bi-weekly live Zoom class instruction
  • 3 hand picked gifts
  • Special guest appearances during club gatherings
  • Bonus #1 Exclusive access to our Gems & Purls Facebook Group
  • Bonus #2 Weekly Q&A Sessions where you can ask any knitting related questions
  • Bonus # 3 Exclusive Club specials and advanced notice of store sales and special events



Perfect for those who want to have all the fun and knit the shawl

  • Everything in the Sapphire Club plus:
  • Your choice of the Estes inspired colorway Fading Point Shawl Kit
  • Ravelry download of the Fading Point Pattern by Joji Locatelli
  • Access to the live Zoom class: "Everything You Didn't Know (That You Didn't Know) About Yarn"
  • Bonus #4: Access to our pre-recorded Intro to Lace Class, so that you feel confident to knit a lace project
  • Bonus #5: 15% off the purchase of the 2nd and 3rd Gems and Purls Club projects offered in 2021/2022



Perfect for those who want to have all the fun, knit the shawl and attend the "Finishing with Excellence" class

  • Everything in the Sapphire and Ruby Clubs plus:
  • Access to the live Zoom Class: "Finishing with Excellence"
  • Bonus #5: 20% off the purchase of the 2nd and 3rd Gems and Purls Club projects offered in 2021/2022
  • Bonus #6: 300 Bonus "Stitches" reward points

  "I was so thrilled that Zoom classes were available so I signed up to learn how to knit cables. I was delighted to see how easy it was to follow how to do a new combination of stitches, read a pattern and accomplish a new task. The best part was that I received links to the class presentation that I could look at, stop to see how the stitches were done and look at it over and over again until I could accomplish the new skill."

- Beverly T. of Bellaire, TX


The Gems & Purls Knitting Club will help you face and overcome your fear of patterns, gauge and big projects.

Many knitters feel too intimidated to start projects on their own. With my proven process, I will show you how to gain the skills necessary to take on any project, even the large or complicated ones!


Learn by attending classes how to get started, understand the pattern, fix your mistakes and finish your projects with excellence.

Each class is broken down with clear instructions and demonstrations, and you will have the opportunity to ask questions live.


Create beautiful projects that you will be proud to wear and show off to the world.

There is nothing better then getting compliments on your style, original pieces, and quality of your work.


Connect with others in the club who also love knitting. Make new friends who you can share your successes and setbacks with.

Knowing others who understand the amount of time, frustration and enjoyment you put into everything you create makes the process fun.

" I loved taking this class and, in addition to the cable patterns, I learned additional tips that make my knitting look great!"

- Susan F. of Greeley, CO


Is Gems & Purls Knitting Club right for me?

What's included with the Gems & Purls Knitting Club?

Regardless of the level you choose, Gems and Purls Knitting Club is a year long event with 20+ live Zoom lessons that will allow time dedicated for connecting with other students.

There will be special guest speakers and designers, to ensure that you have the latest in knitting at your fingertips. You will participate in three project based knit-a-longs . There is no requirement that you participate in our featured projects to join the club.

The Sapphire club level does not include any projects.

The Ruby and Emerald club levels include materials and the pattern for the first project, the Fading Point Shawl. These levels are also invited to participate in limited access classes and engage in social encounters and communication on Facebook and Zoom.

Other perks of all levels include three special gifts throughout the year.

I am already an advanced knitter. Why should I join this club?

The social connectivity this club offers inspires even the most advanced knitters to share their tricks of the trade and challenges them to exceed their own expectations in an encouraging environment.

This club also provides accountability and a good chance that you may learn something new and surprising.

I am a new knitter. Will the projects be too difficult for me?

If you have basic knitting skills, a little bit of confidence and a willingness to learn, you will be well supported throughout these projects to ensure your success.

How soon after purchasing, will I receive the yarn for my shawl?

Depending on unforseeable Covid restrictions, postal limitations and manufacturing delays, we estimate that you will receive your yarn 4-5 weeks after purchasing.

I don't live in or near Estes Park. Can I still participate?

Of course! We have designed this club to be accessible to all who are interested, wherever they call home. Classes, demonstrations and knit-alongs will be delivered electronically via Zoom and Facebook.

With an internet connection, you can join us or re-watch videos from anywhere.

Can I knit the shawl without participating in the club?

Yes you can but, of course we will miss you in the club. The club will offer many benefits beyond knitting the shawl.

Can I pick a different color of shawl?

Each colorway for the shawl has been carefully chosen to enhance its beauty. We have selected colors with the supplier and we are not able to substitute at this time.

How do I know whether the Gems & Purls Club is right for me?

If you like to have fun, make friends and knit beautiful things, then this is the club for you.

The variety in our membership levels guarantees that we can meet your precise needs with a price level that is right for you.

Can I make payments for the club?

Due to the nature of our club structure and advance special-order materials requirements, we are unable to take partial payments.

Full payment is required upon registration.

Can I share this exclusive invitation with other friends?

Yes, please! We would love to meet and include anyone that you think would enjoy this unique chance to experience our new knitting community platform.

What's the investment?

By joining our exclusive club, you can invest your time, interest and skills in taking your knitting to the next level, gaining confidence to try something out of your comfort zone, and building lasting friendships.

What is your return/cancellation policy?

This one of a kind opportunity is dependent upon early ordering and year long commitment, club memberships are not refundable. You may drop in and out as desired, but unused or incomplete memberships are non-refundable.

The yarn for these projects is specially dyed and special ordered when you join the club, and is also non-refundable.

I am not very computer savvy. Will I still be able to participate?

We will work with you to make sure that you are comfortable with our technology.

A computer with internet connectivity is required to participate on our Zoom platform. A Facebook account and familiarity is helpful to participate in our chats and Q &A's.

What kind of device should I use for the club?

Any device will work; a phone, tablet or laptop. However, you will find it is easier to see what is demonstrated if you use a device larger than a phone.

"I never, ever thought I would master a cable stitch, reading a pattern or fixing a dropped stitch! All of this is possible for so many of us who are miles and miles away from Estes Park, CO. It was my greatest joy to be able to take an online class with Paula."

- Tisa R. of Moretown, VT

Take a look at the projects we will knit in 2021

Each project is purchased separately

If you are a knitter who wants to try new designs, you can proudly create these beautiful projects by becoming a member of the Gems & Purls Knitting Club.



This lovely wrap, designed by Joji Locatelli, will showcase your knitting skills with a mix of color and lace .

This wrap is constructed from both ends toward the center, and then both pieces are connected with triangles to achieve a seamless rectangle. This will be a timeless addition to your wardrobe that you will want to wear to dress up any outfit.

Fading point will feature our new yarn La Jolla from Baah Yarns. This is a luxurious yarn made of 100% superwash merino wool. Each skein is carefully hand painted in small batches in Southern California. This yarn will be a special tactile treat for your fingers and you will enjoy knitting every stitch with it's fine texture.



These handmade Christmas Ornaments designed by Arne & Carlos will be passed down for generations to come.

Whether this is your first try at Fair Isle knitting or you have mastered it before, these ornaments will be fun to create and embellish. Make them for your own tree or place them in a gift box to give to a loved one.

This final project in our club will get you into the holiday spirt and allow you to share your holiday traditions with your new knitting friends. Traditional colors and sparkly embellishments will be a welcome addition to your holiday décor.

"I have thoroughly enjoyed knitting with the class and have the challenge of doing something that I can say I have accomplished during this Pandemic. It is something I can show I have done."

- Kathie B. of Littleton, CO